KazRena - Ассоциация пользователей научно-образовательной компьютерной сети Казахстана
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  • providing broadband Internet access & Videoconferencing, supporting distance learning;
  • provisind IP-addresses, FTP-access to www-servers, web-hosting;
  • developing corporate IP-telephony networks of the country's research & education organizations;
  • developing & supporting the National Inter-University e-Library;
  • issuing International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) to students of Kazakhstan.

In prospect

  • Global Virtual University of Kazakhstan Project;
  • Virtual tele-medical network of research & education organizations, clinics & hospitals of the Healthcare Ministry of Kazakhstan;
  • Participation in the development of Kazakh-German Medical Forum
  • Development of the virtual network of schools of Kazakh Ministry of internal Affairs
  • Development of the network of the Internet-centers for training the disabled in conference with the Kazakh Ministry of Labor 7 Social Protection of Population



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